“Thank you once again for an amazing weekend. The feeling continues to grow and all is beautiful. I only hope I can send as much love and awakening as you have brought to me and my life.” ~ J.S., Los Angeles, CA

“Man, what a cool meditation session last evening was. It was really significant on a very, very deep and comprehensive level. Thank you for your wonderful insight… It would have gone by unnoticed and much, much, much less significantly without you.” ~ L.O., Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been on the spiritual growth path for many decades, and have had a number of gifted, enlightened, heart centered teachers, and Alina is up there with the best of them. She is a natural. I experience these meetings with her as a wonderful spiritual oasis, and always come away feeling rejuvenated, renewed, centered in my heart.” ~ J. K., Los Angles, CA

“This experience has begun to heal relationships that have been broken for 27 years. It has brought such deep compassion into my life and the love is flowing through to my five children who are also healing and learning about their own spiritual awakening. I will never forget this weekend. It touched my heart and inner self in a way that nothing ever has. I am experiencing life moment to moment and being aware of my feelings in the moment. Consciously taking note in everything I see and feel is a huge gift… ”  – J.S., Moorpark, CA

“Your supportive words and perceptive comments really touched my heart. And your continued support is very much appreciated. You really are an inspirational light worker. And you radiate light wherever you are. Thank you again for all of your love and light.” ~ C.E., Los Angeles, CA

“I felt so great after the weekend…filled with love & it is overflowing to everyone I come across. Thank you for sharing your love & grace…the  weekend was more than I hoped for.” ~ C.B., USA

“I’m still processing…I rate the weekend right up there with child birth. Maybe I’m birthing the real me. I loved every minute and have never felt so much love in one place ever!!! One part that was such a gift was the laughter at the end. I asked to find my deep and abiding joy. That prayer was most certainly answered…in gratitude and love.” ~ M.F., USA

“I would like to start by saying from the bottom of my heart Thank You! This weekend was with no doubts, the most amazing, wonderful weekend since I can remember. I’m still tired but is not in my soul anymore, I feel so light, so good.”  – B.A., USA

“By Sunday afternoon I started to feel it. In the final meditation it was like a beam on energy and light was flowing from my crown chakra through my body. It was blissful and strong and wonderful. I feel a certain kind of hope and joy I have not ever felt. It is a feeling of relief and relief is a very good feeling. I am reflecting a lot on what was said and reviewed this weekend. I am starting to understand a little. I am ready to move forward into this- what ever it is.” ~ R.M., USA

“Alina is an amazing soul and she has a gift of sharing the profound in easy to understand terms.” ~ C.R., Los Angeles, USA

“High spiritual integrity and love frequency, mixed with humor and dancing! I now feel freer to receive healing and nurture myself. I have released the fear and shyness I was experiencing when sharing my healing gifts. I feel prepared to begin the outreach work I have been poised to do for a long time.” ~ T.S., USA

“This weekend gave me tremendous joy and a reason to look forward to many more teachings, moments of spiritual oneness and connectedness with myself and my environment. It is beautiful to watch my awareness and consciousness unfold and I’m excited to be a part of helping others in their process.

The healing process was profound, the teachings so meaningful and applicable in my own life, the Meditation was powerful and centering. I would love to thank my dear teacher, Alina who has been a Blessing in my life and who is a great contributor to human consciousness and healing in the world.”~ K.E., Thousand Oaks, CA

“The Chakra meditation produced a blissful and deepened centered awareness, which remains with me as I move through my daily life situations. Priceless stuff! What a gift!” ~ J.K., Ojai, CA

“I consider going through the process as one of the most amazing moments of my life. I am so grateful. Being able to the heal relationships in my life and truly look inside myself is so powerful and I have never felt so truly free and alive.”

“Every meditation evening has some gem of wisdom for each person who attends. Alina is a wonderful instructor. She is extremely intelligent, perceptive and wise. You will learn a lot about the chakras and energies. There are some wonderfully authentic spiritual experiences.” ~ J., Los Angeles, CA

“Alina is an amazing teacher and a clear channel for the divine through her! I highly recommend this event to everyone.” ~ M.M., Los Angeles, CA

“ This was a great first experience! Alina is amazing – truly a being of the light! I was appreciative of how welcoming everyone was too. “Alina of the Light”…..that’s my nickname for her. 🙂 Beautiful, wonderful, love it.” ~  J.M., Los Angeles, CA

“To feel the solid connection with one’s place in the grand scheme of things, unrestricted and with an overall sense of compassion is a wonderful experience. The sensation is at least as awesome as when Kirk Gibson hit the ’88 home run – but kind of in a different way. I love this!!!” ~ L.O., Los Angeles, CA

“One of my favorite things you have taught me is to always respond to others from the place in my heart where love lives. And not to respond where fear dwells. It has changed everything! Don’t know how to thank you, Alina!” – S.B. USA

“The energy in that room has been consistently the most loving, intimate, healing, and transformative that I’ve experienced in quite some time. The positive effects continue to stay with me during my daily routine.” ~ J.K. Los Angeles, CA

“Once again, Alina gently guided all of us away from the narrow confines of our egos and minds, to rest into the sweet nectar of Divine presence. I found myself still, while continuing to swim in this pool of expanded conscious awareness, throughout my daily activities in the material world. Beautiful. Inspiring. Always Wonderful.” ~ L.O. Los Angeles, CA

“The interview showed me that while I sometimes go in and out of states that are similar to what Alina describes in her interview, the state of permanent awakening is so much more profound and truly one awakened being can have such a positive effect on large groups of people just by their mere presence. Just seeing and experience this was a great revelation for me, as she is a mother and has a normal life just like so many of us. Although intellectually I knew that through Grace anyone can become awakened, I had the concept deep inside that one had to be a monk or a sage of some sort to become awakened. ” ~ A.M., Los Angeles, CA

“I watched Alina Shalev’s video today, it tipped a balance, I fell into space and rested in the stars. There are common denominators among those who seem to be waking up… I see those things happening in people around me, and realize, this is happening to me too… I have the same symptoms, doctor… as I awaken, those around me awaken; as those around me awaken, I awaken, it helps me keep from falling back to sleep… you know how when you wake up sleepy sometimes and can drift back and forth from dreams to form and back again; inevitably you wake up for real, and the day has begunnd you arise, truly awake, and there is no going back to the dream of who you were before. You can see him, you can see her, but we’re not there.

We are it, it is us, we are who we have been waiting for, it is time to awaken, the time is now, the only time is now, the moment is full and pregnant. I just now, moments ago, which is what prompted this writing, I REALIZED my purpose, I mean I really GOT IT (I’ve put it in words before but it was intangible, I could never actualize it, know how to make it real), and in a moment, here it is… everything… everything I have been waiting for, all these years, I am who I have been waiting for… now I am laughing and laughing tears soak my face- joy I never knew- I have lived a life of not-so-quiet desperation, 51 years of knowing there was a reason and purpose but not finding it; the time was not right for its revelation…

I thought I was going crazy, I thought I was nuts, I thought I was the only one… now I’ve found my tribe, and I find WE ARE EVERYWHERE! We ARE stardust! We ARE golden! We’ve been planted in a soiled garden, and the time is right, the time is now, oh my God, we are everywhere… we are One… and it really will happen for everyone.

Writing different sections here at the same time skipping back and forth not thinking in a line so this may all sound a little nuts I can’t really express the magnitude… would never have expected it to feel so simple… yet so huge …I didn’t do anything, except maybe give up. Like Alina said, I surrendered this week… and God’s Grace has poured in to catch the cosmic falling body.” ~ K.C, USA

“I am so amazed how much has changed in the last month! I am so thrilled with all of it even the challenging moments are fun! Words are interesting because I am finding at times they are “crude” descriptors to what I am feeling or experiencing. So much has slipped away in a wonderful way. Today I felt playful in away I have not felt since I was a young child. I am able to connect with my children in a way that is such a joyful celebration! I am having a relationship with my mother that I never imagined possible! These are wonderful miracles!” – L.S., USA

“I am learning to feel my emotions fully without judgment and resistance. I find my current self dying and a new self emerging. Painful, yes. Regrets, no. I pray that I will be used by the creator to inspire others. I again thank you for your gifts, wisdom, love, and humbleness.” ~ P.C., USA

“It was beautiful hearing you speak. It was comforting to hear of your clairsentience and witness the way you allow and embraced your path. It allowed such clarity for my own experiences. Love and Blessings to you!” ~ S.S., USA

“I can not create a complete thought to express my gratitude to you as I truly feel it in my heart. When I try so many other women’s faces and the dynamics of our fragmented relationships come up… Thank you for showing me how I show up from the feminine aspect. As deeply honest and heart wrenching as it can be, it is gentle and kind…and in receiving you I can receiving myself. Also I experience you differently in person than I do online. I must get out more. I hug you from a part of my heart that I have never known…thank you.” ~ A.M. NY, USA

“Great weekend! Not that I got awakened or anything but it was a good workout. Your capacity to share love is utterly amazing.” ~ P.T., USA

“I am so thrilled to be able to se you this coming Tuesday. You Light the Universe, and I will feel “blessed” to bask in your glow! Namaste” ~ D.L., USA

“My question is I don’t know who to invoke anymore when I pray or meditate. I have begun to invoke my higher self and or christ self. This all occurred after I had a experience that I saw my Divine as the cosmos as everything. Not only in that I felt it and there was a click: that there is no separation! That there is no right or wrong. That we are everything the light and the dark, the beginning, middle and end, and the alpha and omega. I am so disoriented that it is a challenge to function the way I am accustomed to. I know I have reached a point of no return. There is no going back there is no back to return to. There is only more. I also went through the processes again that we were taught but instead of being the victim I was the villain so to speak. Long story short I discovered I chose all the events in my life. I chose it. I chose those situations to help me to forget and remember who I am. I have found there is only love.” ~ L., USA

“To be detached from the drama is awesome! It is so interesting to see events occur be filled with compassion for the persons involved yet also to see with clarity as well. Not in a hurry to get anywhere anymore. Enjoying each moment for that it is.I truly feel the internal work has been worked as far as it can be. If there is more to be done that is ok too. My chest felt like it was going to explode for over a week I know it was my heart chakra growing larger. This morning I felt my crown chakra open. I felt a very strong connection. Thank you again! I love you.” ~ ♥ L., USA

“Hi Alina, here is a description of some of the changes I have seen happening in my life.
My pace has slowed down dramatically and more is getting accomplished for me by divine grace. I set an intention and then I let go of how it will happen. If I feel moved to act I do, if I don’t feel moved I don’t. I have found that better options appear than what I had conceived of. I am enjoying the sense that there is enough time, energy, money, resources for everything to work out perfectly. When I feel conflict I stay with it to fully experience it. I feel my insignificance and am relieved by it. When I experience myself or others trying to control things, it seems funny. I am trusting that whatever needs to happen will without me. I find I am often thinking of nothing… the nothing is not alarming but loving like the space after the om. It is great! Thank you and …Much Life!” – K.K., NY USA

“Heartfelt thanks. My life and experience can never be the same. This is so beautiful.” ~ K., AU

“What a potent energy!!! I’m just speechless about it, but what I can say?” ~ D. Sydney, AU

“Huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. Absolutely everything looks, feels and is different now! I know a big shift has occurred. Infinite blessings to you” ~ F. Sydney, AU

“I have known that I was alienated from God. This weekend I connected with my Divine in my heart for the first time…….It was big for me! The point that it happened was the golden ball process with Alina. So, a miracle. Cheers, thanks for an amazing weekend.”  ~ C, AU

“Enjoyed it to the max! I think subtle things are happening in my life… “  ~ I, AU

“I really don’t know how to begin to tell you what the weekend meant to me… Alina, like a giggling little girl, dancing her way into our hearts and then she would speak, and I just wanted to tell her never to stop as her words were like nectar from the angels… And all the trainers, sweet, sweet words of help and encouragement. I cannot thank you enough. I wish I could… “  ~ J., AU

“I never expected anything like this to take place. I’m so thankful for this and your part in it. Your a True Light Being, helping us to cross the great divide from fear to LOVE, bringing out the essence of who we really are. Many heartfelt thanks. I look forward to how the next stage of my purpose will unfold and for our planet and all of the universes. Blessings to you!”  ~ D, Seattle, USA

“Alina, thank you so very much for a beautiful and powerful workshop yesterday. The process was very deep for me and you hold a very clear space. Your energy, your lightness and your integrity all shine through brilliantly. Much love to you and deepest gratitude.”  ~ D, Los Angeles, USA

“A tremendous feeling of “fullness” is what was experienced. I felt so full and lacked no-thing. It was such a lovely feeling! In the moments following that feeling, I realized “I” AM giving to my Self. How could lack exist when I AM in this space? It does not. I AM in gratitude completely and that is exactly what the experience was: Gratitude and complete full-ness. Thank you, Alina!” ~ D.G., Los Angeles, USA

“Dear Alina, when I read your words about carrying the flowers from room to room I truly experienced FEELING, just what I have been praying for. My first thought was that that is such a sweet thing to say and probably what is in your thoughts but no one would really do this so I cannot take it in – followed immediately by SEEING myself in the mirror… that I think this because I am inauthentic, many times thinking lovely thoughts and telling people things without actually doing the deed.. lying, disingenuous… all trying to seek approval, all to try to feel connected, not being in WHAT IS, which I am just beginning to see what “WHAT IS” is. Then immediately following that – I SAW you, and saw what I had seen through your presence, Presence-Oneness, no separation between anything living or inanimate, living in the truth and I FELT TRUST. Then I wondered what it would be like to truly be in the beauty of a flower, carrying it with me to each place I go, setting it in a pretty place, looking at it, seeing it, enjoying it; to allow myself to open myself up to this, to to give up the chatter, to give up striving and see & feel it. I SAW the pure and simple LOVE of being in the Presence and I FELT it, I felt Love, Stillness, Nothingness and it was Everything. Just this morning came the realization that this is a beautiful metaphor, a beautiful visualization for carrying my Divine with me in every room I go. All from you sharing about your experiencing the flowers. This experiencing is still expanding, infiltrating, shaking me up! With Love Overflowing to you.” ~  S., USA

“I just want to tell you that I have watched the video of you, being interviewed by Russia. My Goodness you are a true blessing to humanity and to my life. It seemed that you were all aglow and giving off such incredible energy in that video I just want to watch videos of you all day long. Thank You Much for all you do and I hope to meet you one day so that i can look into your eyes and really feel your Essence and Love.” ~ J.Q. USA

“Thank you so much, Alina, for an amazing Tuesday meditation. It was an absolutely breathtaking experience for me, and it is exactly what I wish to experience more of. I am so grateful to have you in my life. My life has spiraled upward bound into a stratosphere that I have no words to explain. I am truly blessed and extremely grateful.”  ~ T, Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to share that I have been living in so much JOY for I really don’t know how long, but lately I have felt like my heart has giant wings and is just flying and bursting with JOY. As you know, I am so in love and have SOO much faith in my Divine. I love you!!!!!!!!!! Wow, it’s so beautiful to be in love with one’s Divine” – J.B. Los Angeles CA

“Hi Alina, I wanted to share something with you. I am now experiencing more calmness and patience and I see all the beautiful unfolding and miraculous transformation along my journey. In the beginning, I was soo excited which created lack of patience. I just couldn’t wait for it ALL to happen at once. I would have to say that most of my experiences and connecting with my divine has come easily to me and I am so lucky. Now I am seeing the journey up to this point and just feeling so grateful and in so much joy that I am now enjoying the journey for each step and not so much waiting for something else ahead. The transformation that has taken place in me in less than a year is absolutely a miracle and amazing.

I am feeling more and more energy from others and in my body all the time and know that such grace is being showered upon me every second. Thank you my sweet Divine, I love you so, so much that I could say this 5000 times and it wouldn’t be enough. I love you Alina, you have guided me on this journey and aided in my connection to my Divine. We are all so, so lucky.”  ~ J, Los Angeles, CA

“I highly resonated with the way Alina teaches and found I grew much under her tutelage.” ~ D, Canada

“Alina had a great deal to offer each and every one of us, and somehow I feel that she was speaking to each one of us separately and meeting us exactly where we were at. Thank you for bringing her here, so that we could meet her and learn from her, and be truly Blessed by her presence in all ways.” ~ M,  B.C. Canada

“Awesome… I’m in such a great space..very affirming and validating…” ~ L. B.C. Canada

“I was very touched and felt light-hearted all week. I would like to thank you for the effect of the session on me. Thank you for the change I am feeling by living, accepting, surrendering to the moment. I started to pray moment-to-moment. How can I ever thank The Divine by bringing me to you? There are no words…” ~ J.R., Los Angeles, CA