Group Mandalas 2 Small

Mandala Meditation

6 Weeks Class – Juan Bautista deAnza Park

September 26 – November 7, 2018
10 am – 11:30 am
6 Wednesdays

Juan Bautista de Anza Park
3701 Lost Hills Road
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 880-6461

Cost:  $95 for all 6 weeks
Instructor: Alina Shalev

To register IN PERSON:  Please arrive 15 min. earlier and register at the front desk, in the City of Calabasas office at the park.

To register ONLINE: Registration will open on August 20, 2018. To be notified when the class opens, click here


This class will enchant your soul! Learn the ancient technique of meditation while coloring your own beautiful mandala.

Mandalas are sacred geometrical shapes, used in many traditions as tools for raising one’s levels of consciousness and awareness.

They are considered to be the highest form of spiritual art.

If you would like to reduce stress, relax and uplift your spirit, please join us for this amazing class. 

Die Hauptchakren BannerWhat you will learn:  

  • the ancient art of mandala meditation
  • mandala coloring techniques
  • how to increase awareness to spiritually transform your life
  • weekly teachings and contemplation
  • profound discussions with a group of amazing people 
  • weekly card readings 
  • deep chakra meditation, called Chakra Dhyana, to cleanse the energy centers in your body

Give yourself this gift. You will be so glad you did! 

All are welcome! No experience necessary. Chairs will be provided. Please dress comfortably, in layers. 

Looking forward to coloring and meditating with you. 

Mandala Blessings,



P.S. Bring a friend… They will thank you later!  : ) 


CalabasasBanner“Meditation is the life of the soul.” ~ Francis Quarles



Thank you for sharing so much of your life’s journey with all of us.  You help me connect more richly to myself and source each week. I never dreamed that there would be such an embracing and powerful quality to the coloring of these mandalas.” 


“I knew it would be relaxing and fun, but the elevated spiritual connection derived from this practice has been an unexpected and undeniable meditative tool.” …


“I am so grateful to you for presenting this opportunity to unite my soul with the expanding awareness of the infinite. Wishing you, as always, peace and love.” …


“I meditated with your beautiful Mandala today and it was very magically transcended.”


I believe this practice could have so many valuable applications — from healing people with illness, both mental and physical, to setting forth intentions of peace to heal this very confused world we live in.  Thank you again for showing us the beauty of this ancient practice.” … 


“Who knew coloring could be so great at any age…what a fantastic way to honor yourself in your busy life by taking the time to enjoy one of the many tools for focus that can help you stay calm and in love with life.” …

Check out these magnificent mandalas created by my students: 



Colored by Workshop Student: Anne M. - Los Angeles, CA Enchanted Mandalas - page 7

Colored by workshop student: Anne M. – Los Angeles, “Enchanted Mandalas” – page 7

Colored by Diana P. ~ Los Angeles Materials used: colored pencils 50 set

Colored by workshop student: Diana P. ~ Los Angeles, “Enchanted Mandalas” – page 76

Colored by Workshop Student: Robin ~ Los Angeles, CA Enchanted Mandalas - page 7

Colored by Workshop Student: Robin ~ Los Angeles, “Enchanted Mandalas” – page 7

Colored by Heather S. - Los Angeles, CA Enchanted Mandalas - page 96

Colored by Heather S. – Los Angeles, CA “Enchanted Mandalas” – page 96

Colored by workshop student: Robin, Los Angeles "Enchanted Mandalas" - page 92

Colored by workshop student: Robin, Los Angeles “Enchanted Mandalas” – page 92