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How the Past Fuels Creativity

This week I wanted to share with you another gorgeous montage of people’s magnificent mandala creations. 

It is absolutely wonderful seeing this positive impact that creative people such as yourself are having into the world. I hope this one minute video will inspire and bring you as much joy as it brought me. 

Also, I wanted to share with you a short story. A few days ago I came across some pictures of traditional Romanian pottery and realized how much forgotten childhood memories are unconsciously influencing my art today. 

My grandmother used to have a pot and she cooked in it the most delicious stuffed cabbage called “sarmale”. Every time anyone complimented her on the deliciousness of the food, she would smile and say that is the magic pot, not her. 

The pot was made by clay in a near-by village by an old man and beautifully hand-painted by his wife. I remember my grandmother vividly, carrying her magic pot around, sometimes tracing with her finger the paintings on it. She loved that sky blue paint. 

I believed in the magic of the pot… the food undoubtedly tasted better, everyone noticed.

And this week, for some strange reason, while glazing melancholically over the pictures of Romanian pottery, admiring the craft, the voice of my beloved grandma reverberated through time and I remembered what she used to tell me, quite often. She said: “when people create in love, magic happens“. 

Looking at the pictures colored by people from “Enchanted Mandalas”, I feel the love of creation. And I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but they are as delicious to me as my grandmother’s “sarmale”. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Mandala Blessings,