The Journey 

Alina is a mandala artist, author and meditation teacher who has dedicated her life to helping people grow spiritually into higher states of consciousness.

She uses her mandala paintings to show people how to connect with their true self, reduce stress and increase their creativity, so they can enjoy meaningful relationships and fulfill their purpose.

Mandalas are sacred geometrical shapes made of circles and squares, used in many traditions around the world as tools for awakening and meditation. 

They are considered to be the highest form of spiritual art. Simply viewing a mandala could be transformational. 

Alina was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania and spent most of her summer vacations in a small village surrounded by forests, in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

As a child, she developed a deep connection with nature and the mystical world.

In stark contrast, she grew up in a very academic environment where everything was explained scientifically. Her parents were both teachers and she excelled in school, especially in mathematics, physics and arts. She attended an engineering college in Romania, learning technical drawing and computer programming.

Alina immigrated to the US in her early twenties. Initially unable to speak English, she went on to achieve many dreams: the dream of flying, becoming a commercial pilot and creating a family while pursuing her interest in art and spirituality.

She studied with healers, shamans and monks of various traditions and religions while reading copiously and attending dozens of seminars. 

She travelled the world, from Egypt to the land of the Mayans, from the Fiji Islands and Australia to Israel and India, assimilating experiences from a multitude of cultures.

Alina founded a holistic private practice, called “Astra Healing”, with the intent of promoting spiritual awareness and growth through emotional healing. Throughout all the searching, she underwent an incredible shift in consciousness that completely changed the way she viewed life and relationships.

To help people relax and reduce anxiety, while coloring beautiful mandalas, Alina created a book: “Enchanted Mandalas – A Spiritual Coloring Book”.

Her book was awarded the First Prize Winner, receiving an international publishing contract with Hay House, one of the largest personal development publishing company in the world.

You can find it on, Barnes & Noble, Hay House, and bookstores.

Thousands of people have colored the pages of this book and the positive results they have experienced in their lives are astounding. See Amazon Reviews. 

During Alina’s meditation classes, workshops and mandala courses participants dissolve deep energetic blockages that have been stored at the cellular level. This translates into a peaceful, joyful, fulfilling inner and outer life.

Alina uses her own mandala paintings as a tool to increase a person’s connection with their own Divine.

Alina currently lives with her family in Los Angeles, California. She greatly enjoys drawing, painting and helping people create beautiful mandalas and connect with their true self through the joy of art.