Relax into Inner Peace ~ CD


Relax into Inner Peace
Guided Meditation
by Alina Shalev
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Ancient cultures and modern science point to meditation as an amazing method to stay centered in the heart, to reduce stress in the physical body, to quiet the mind and to connect with our soul. In our busy lives, it seems difficult to sit in introspection and practice mindful awareness. Yet, without this time for ourselves, we start to feel disconnected.

Meditation is rapidly gaining more interest and respect in the western world, as we understand that our bodies are not only biochemical, but also energetic. When energies flow unobstructed, health, vitality and joy are maximized.

This CD is easy, pleasant and extremely powerful. You can practice this meditation daily, in the comfort of your home, at your convenience. 

This is what you will experience during “Relax into Inner Peace”:

  • an easy and powerful guided meditation to deeply relax, focus your mind and uplift your spirit
  • dissolve tension and reduce stress in the body
  • connect with your Higher Self
  • experience self-acceptance and unconditional love
  • expand your consciousness and transform from within
  • balance your body-mind-spirit, by connecting to your heart center
  • discover your place of inner peace, relaxation and bliss

Track 1: Introduction (aprox. 2 min)
Track 2: Guided Meditation ( aprox. 21 min)

Just put your headset on, sit in a comfortable position, in your favorite spot, close your eyes and relax. Allow yourself to flow into your own unique journey of self discovery, acceptance and inner peace.

This is YOUR time! Enjoy! 




P.S.  It is a pure pleasure and delight to finally share this with you.

“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” ~ Voltaire

Ego says: “Once everything falls into place, I’ll find peace.” Spirit says: “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.” ~ Marianne Williamson

What  people are saying about “Relax into Inner Peace”: 

“From the moment the CD  started with your voice and background music, it was like being in a place so peaceful and beautiful that it calms you immediately. Beautifully done!!!! Thank you!” ~ M.C., Los Angeles, USA
“I just listened to this meditation, it is the best $9.95 I have ver spent. Thank you so much. It is amazing. You can’t imagine how wonderful I’m feeling right now.” ~ P.A., Los Angeles, CA, USA
 “It made me feel so peaceful. When you said: “go the a place that you like.”… I was in a place like Hawaii. Well, I love Hawaii, and I was sitting in front of the ocean, even though I am very afraid of the ocean. And then when I started looking at myself, there were two of me, I was the one who was looking at the other one from the outside, and the other one was sitting like Buddha that I love, in meditation. After a while I bowed to the sitting me and started thanking her and kissed her feet and hands. It was like if I realized how much she has done for me. I’ve always chosen the less traveled road, and even though it has always been very difficult and still IS on some level, but  I’ve done what was the best for me. I saw that I’ve been very patient and never gave up, with an “I’m not gonna give up” attitude. Then I started crying, it was really emotional and beautiful. I can’t say thank you enough. The best part of it is your voice, I love your voice. It calms me down a lot. It’s the best thing ever.” ~ P., Los Angeles, USA
“I just listened to your CD for the third time and get something new and wonderful out of it each time I listen to it.  I also just mailed one to my sister. So thankful to have your CD at my fingertips! With GRATITUDE.” – A.M., Los Angeles, CA, USA




cd Compact Disc
Physical CD